Norton & West Chinnock Schools

Learning Together for Excellence

Welcome from the Co-Headteachers

Welcome to our small educational family consisting of Norton Sub Hamdon and West Chinnock Church of England Primary Schools.

As village schools, we are very much at the centre of the communities that we serve. One of our schools’ greatest strengths is our commitment to supporting our families. We truly believe that a safe, happy and supported child is one who will thrive.

Through this partnership we aim to educate our children to the best of our ability using staff expertise and experience to provide a range of opportunities for all children in a caring, thoughtful, Christian school community.

By emphasising traditional values such as self-discipline, hard work, resilience and respect for others whilst also preparing our students for their future lives in an ever changing world that the quality of education our children receive is extremely high. This is reflected in pupils' achievements both in their academic attainment and their general behaviour and conduct.

Above all our family of schools are happy and caring places, which we hope you will wish to be a part of in the future. 

We hope you get a flavour from the website of our character but to gain a better impression please do come and see us.

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West Chinnock School

At the heart of the village of West Chinnock, the school has just over 50 pupils. Children are taught in two classes; the Infants (Years R, 1 and 2) and the Juniors (Years 3, 4, 5 and 6).


Norton Sub Hamdon School

The school on its current site on New Road, Norton Sub Hamdon was opened in 1997. It has has just over 110 pupils who are taught in four classes; Class 1 (Years R and 1), Class 2 (Years 2 and 3), Class 3 (Years 4 and 5) and Class 4 (Year 6).


Our News


Norton Sub Hamdon News

Hamdon Hoot Issue 3

Please click on the link below to see our Earth Week Special Edition of the Hamdon Hoot as we work towards our application to become a Green Flag Eco-School. Hamdon Hoo...
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West Chinnock News

Chirpy Chinnock Issue 4

Welcome to our Special Edition of the Chirpy Chinnock, written by Year Three, Four and Five, while Year Six are busy with SATs. This issue contains a write up on The Primary Festi...
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Norton Sub Hamdon News

Hamdon Hoot Issue 2

Welcome to the second issue of the Hamdon Hoot, news from pupils at Norton Sub Hamdon Primary School (February and March 2022).  We hope that you enjoy reading about the...
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