Norton & West Chinnock Schools

Learning Together for Excellence

Who's Who

Executive Co-Headteachers

Mr J Caswell BSc (Econ), MA Ed, NPQH

Ms L Stiddard BEd, MSc, NPQH


Miss N Brown (Class 1 Teacher at Norton, Art, Design and Technology Leader)

Mrs C Banks (Class 2 Teacher at Norton, Maths Curriculum Leader)

Mrs L Parkinson (Class 3 Teacher and Deputy Headteacher at Norton, Science and PSHE Curriculum Leader)

Mrs M Merrett (Class 3 and 4 Teacher at Norton, Humanities and Languages Curriculum Leader)

Mrs H Byrne (Class 4 Teacher at Norton and PE Curriculum Leader)

Mrs E Jaggard (Infant Class Teacher at West Chinnock and SENCO)

Mr D Mitchell (Infant Class Teacher at West Chinnock and Music Leader)

Mrs C Holbrook (Junior Class Teacher at West Chinnock and Religious Education Leader)

Mrs D Donovan-Lowe (Junior Class Teacher at West Chinnock and English Leader)

Teaching Assistants

Mrs E Fox (HLTA)

Mrs M Hallett (HLTA)

Mrs L Oakes (HLTA)

Miss S De La Hey

Mr T Kenward

Mrs S Brimble

Mrs M Chapillon

Mrs J Startup

Mrs V Corner

Mrs S Hart

Office and Site Team

Mrs D Atkins (Finance Officer/Office Manager)

Mrs R Haley (Premises Officer)

Mrs K McBain (Admin Assistant and Heads’ PA)

Mrs C Webber (Admin Assistant)

Mrs L Clark (Caretaker Norton and West Chinnock and Clerk to Governors)

Mrs M Day (Caretaker at West Chinnock)

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs L Dyer

Mrs P Vaux

Mrs V Corner

Mrs L Rusling

Mrs M Chapillon

Mrs J Startup

Mrs H Rowswell

Mrs J Raybould

Mrs M Smith

Site Cleaning Team

Mrs M Day

Mrs P Vaux

Miss Z Vaux

Mrs M Smith