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Weekly Update

Released On 6th Nov 2023

Weekly Update

We welcomed visitors from Carymoor Environmental Trust earlier in the week with pupils learning about how to reduce waste and make the planet a better and healthier place.

Poetry has been a theme through the week in some of the classes. In Willow Class, pupils explored ’Machine Poems’ are were really thinking about the sounds that machines make and incorporating words like ’gurgle, swish, beep and whirr’ into poems.  Meanwhile in Hazel Class, pupils have been writing their own five-line ‘Cinquain Poems’ linked to their project work. 

Meanwhile Birch Class have been learning about Newspaper reports and Rowan Class have been getting to grips with BODMAS (Brackets Orders Division Multiplication Addition Subtraction).

The importance of school attendance and punctuality:

Research proves that there is a high correlation between school attendance and academic performance and enjoyment of school.   Please help by making sure that your child comes to school and arrives on time everyday.  This will establish good habits that they will carry through life.

Thank you for your ongoing support.   

Mr Caswell

Weekly Update

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