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Weekly Update

Released On 7th Jun 2024

Weekly Update

This week we commemorate 80 years since the D-Day landings.  King Charles spoke of his “profound sense of gratitude” to those that stepped up at that critical time in World War 2.  Our school focus on the value of Thankfulness provides the opportunity to reflect with children and staff on this theme and will be the subject of our collective worship this week and next. 

In classes, pupils in Reception have been exploring life under the sea, finding out fascinating facts and comparing sea creatures to those found on land.  The pupils’ interest and knowledge of Geography and writing has inspired us all this week.

There has been some fabulous art work done by all Acorn pupils inspired by the sea (pictured) and Year 1 and 2 have been building on their map work linked to their seaside project.

There has been some impressive work in English in Oak Class.  Strange Dragon Eggs have appeared in the class.  Pupils tell me they are working on a Dragon story and are inspired to use rich vocabulary and figurative language to enhance their writing.  I look forward to seeing their finished pieces in the coming weeks!

There are some upcoming dates for our older pupils; Bikeability the week after next and a special Year 6 ‘Moving Up’ celebration at Wells Cathedral (separate letters will follow early next week).

As part of this process of policy development, Mrs Jaggard and I will be leading some parent sessions on Behaviour.  We are keen to personalise our new policy for Behaviour and consult with pupils, parents and staff in the process as well as following best practice examples from across the Trust. 

Thank you for the excellent poems already received as part of the poetry slam competition!  More information, guidance and dates to follow.  Have a good weekend. 

Mr Caswell

Weekly Update




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