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Weekly Update

Released On 27th Nov 2023

Weekly Update

This week is the birthday of Guru Nanak, the founder of the Sikh faith.  In collective worship, we will be finding out about his life and the message that God loves us all equally and that everyone should live together in peace.

Today’s image is a visual representation of our curriculum vision which is centred around our pupils.  Our values and learning behaviours radiate outwards towards the ambitions of what we want children to become; socially conscious, ambitious learners, innovative thinkers and effective communicators.  Around the outside; the subjects and experiences preparing pupils for the next stage of education and life.

Last week saw the ongoing development of the papier mâché lanterns in Acorn Class as well as some fantastic independent Maths work.  Meanwhile, in Oak Class some sophisticated descriptive writing about Mesopotamia inspired with the scent of incense and sweet tasting dates. Last week we had a visit from external school improvement partners, they observed how the learning environment has been transformed at the school and I was particularly proud of the children sharing their knowledge and their work.

As you may know, we are currently in the process of converting to an academy to become part of the Bath and Wells Multi-Academy Trust (BWMAT).  The date of conversion has been slightly delayed (from 1st December to 1st February 2024). We continue to work with partners at Somerset Council, the Department for Education and the BWMAT to work through this process, ensuring that our focus remains embedding the curriculum changes that have been made at the school over the last 18 months.

Dear God.
Thank you for all the different qualities that make each of us special and unique - and for all that we each bring to our own school community.
Show us all how to help each other get along together and, like Guru Nanak, to be ‘peacemakers’. Amen.

Wishing you all a good week.  Mr Caswell

Weekly Update

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