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Weekly Update

Released On 6th Nov 2023

Weekly Update

Acorn Class

Our young Scientists in Acorn Class have been asking and answering the question ‘what do humans need to be healthy?’ and, as Mathematicians, counting the faces and edges on 3D shapes.  This week we give a warm West Chinnock welcome to Mrs Tripp who will be covering the teaching in Acorn Class for this half-term.


Oak Class

We have celebrated improvements in writing in Oak class and there have been some excellent end of unit pieces produced by pupils.  As Historians, pupils have been exploring the causes and consequences of the end of the First World War.  Later in the week, pupils were introduced to the concept of Refraction and were asking super scientific questions such as ‘why do you sometimes see double rainbows?’.

This week saw democracy in action with the school council meeting.  Councillors discussed playground arrangements as well as fundraising ideas for the upcoming Children in Need Day.

The importance of school attendance and punctuality:

Research proves that there is a high correlation between school attendance and academic performance and enjoyment of school.   Please help by making sure that your child comes to school and arrives on time everyday.  This will establish good habits that they will carry through life.

Thank you for your ongoing support. 

Mr Caswell

Weekly Update

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